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I am NOT a professional chef. I am what I affectionately dub a Saturday Chef—a weekend warrior of the culinary variety, fortified by the education I have gleaned from two high school cooking classes, the Food Network and my own gastronomical experiments. While I’m not ashamed to spend all day making bagels by hand, and proudly call myself a foodie, I’m not a food snob. I enjoy an Extra Value Meal as much as the next girl. My culinary escapades are still relegated to the weekends, but my love for cooking is stronger than ever, galvanized by more successes than failures, and the beautiful fact that the more I cook, the more people there are to feed. So please stay tuned for fun recipes, inevitable disasters and hopefully, a lot of good food.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Saturday Chef is now a Guest Blogger?!

I know, I know. All five of my faithful (but quiet) followers have to be in shock over this recent turn of events. *tosses hair* I have guestblogged for a wonderful site, Foodies Like Us. Susan seemed to enjoy my quaint little blog, and asked me to contribute to hers, and I jumped at the chance.

Please amble on over to Foodies Like Us and check out not only my entry, but the entire website. I think my layout is a little jealous of hers.


Don't worry, my beautiful fans, I will not let this shot of fame go to my head. New recipes are on the rapidly approaching horizon.

Coming Soon: The Ultimate Grilled Cheese

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