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I am NOT a professional chef. I am what I affectionately dub a Saturday Chef—a weekend warrior of the culinary variety, fortified by the education I have gleaned from two high school cooking classes, the Food Network and my own gastronomical experiments. While I’m not ashamed to spend all day making bagels by hand, and proudly call myself a foodie, I’m not a food snob. I enjoy an Extra Value Meal as much as the next girl. My culinary escapades are still relegated to the weekends, but my love for cooking is stronger than ever, galvanized by more successes than failures, and the beautiful fact that the more I cook, the more people there are to feed. So please stay tuned for fun recipes, inevitable disasters and hopefully, a lot of good food.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Ultimate Grilled Cheese...Bon Appetit!

Sometimes, I see random ingredients and get inspired.  That happened a few weeks ago, after I quietly mocked the cliched New Year's Resolution to lose weight by purchasing a wedge of double cream brie.  I originally was going to plop the brie on toasted piece of challah and enjoy, but then I saw lunchmeat and arugula and I got an idea.  I think it's the best idea I've ever had. 

This sandwich is goopey and messy and definitely not healthy.  It is, however, rejuevenating for the tastebuds and the soul, especially on a miserable winter day. 

My mother, who has been asking me to make her a decadent grilled cheese, gives this one 4 stars.  Mission accomplished. 



1 piece Thin Cut Steak

3 to 4 slices of Double Cream Brie, rind removed

Baby Arugula, washed

2 1/2-inch thick slices of Challah Bread

Butter for bread


Season steak as desired. My go-to seasonings are Lawry’s, Garlic Salt and Pepper. Tenderize lightly with rim of saucer. Let sit while you heat up a skillet over moderately high heat until very hot. Drizzle with olive oil. When oil is hot, add steak. Cook until browned, about 2 to 4 minutes per side, depending on thickness and size of steak.

When steak is done, cover in aluminum foil and let it rest for at least 10 to 15 minutes. Wipe out pan.

Once steak has rested, slice against the grain into thin strips or even bite-sized cubes. Butter each slice of bread. Place two slices of brie on unbuttered side of bread, spreading the cheese with your fingers to cover edges. Add steak, pressing firmly into cheese and place into hot pan over medium heat buttered side down. While first slice cooks slowly, repeat building process with last piece of cheese and handful of arugula. Assemble sandwich in pan.

When bread is golden brown and cheese is melted, turn over, squish entire sandwich with spatula, and repeat process.

Enjoy immediately!


*I have tried this recipe with steak and sliced turkey and roast beef from the deli and it is awesome both ways. I tried it with the steak as a nod to the February cover of Bon Appetit. I definitely planned to do this before I saw the cover.

*If you’re a vegetarian, this sandwich is just as wonderful with just cheese and peppery arugula.

*Finally, cheese should be close to room temperature or it will not melt as easily.  If that happens, just pop the entire sandwich in the microwave.


  1. ooh. Meat. Looks great!

  2. The sandiwich looks great. I may try that on my panini grill. I love arugula and have it growing out in my herb garden. I actually mixed it with some cooked carrots last night. If you like argula I have a purple and white potato salad that has arugula in it. Please stop by for avisit.